Design 2000-2018

One of my favorite tasks as a designer is designing logos and branding. Many of these had accompanying letterheads, business cards, signage and other offline and online applications.

Development Process

Developing a logo or branding can be one of the most challenging – yet rewarding – tasks a designer can embark on. This will be the front-and-center image of the company and the designer has a lot of responsibility to make sure the logo or branding accurately and effectively reflects the clients core values. I take a somewhat conservative approach when developing a logo or branding by practicing the following process.

Design Pattern
Know the Client

I perform a survey that will help determine what the client wants and needs out of the logo and branding.

Usability Tests

I dive in deep on the client's business and industry so I can best understand what potential customers desire from the client.

Usability Tests
Design and Iterate

I start out with many quick sketches in a brainstorming session, further design the best ones and iterate with client feedback.

Style Guide
Style Guide

I develop a comprehensive logo or branding specific style guide for future design and development efforts.

Logo and Branding Examples

Financial Council
United Signs
Woodfield Investments
Blue Goose Homes
Chincoteague Resort Realty
Blue Cove
Time Management
Black Tees Player
Kalos Golf Cruises
Kalos Golf Cruises
Kalos Golf Cruises
Kalos Golf Cruises
Premiere Petroleum and Solar